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Jeanette is very proud to have received the P.R.B.C.C. breeder of the year award for the 11th year running
Kittens now ready to leave for a new home!

For almost 25 years Emerisle has been breeding pedigree Ragdolls, Scottish Folds and Tiffanies from a cosy family home as pets from some of her champion show cats. Brought up in a loving environment, around other animals, Emerisle kittens are well socialised, handled daily and make wonderful pets!

Bred from excellent bloodlines by award-winning breeder, Jeanette Fitzpatrick, ( P.R.B.C.C. Ragdoll Breeder of the Year ten years running!), Emerisle kittens are available in all colours and patterns, including torties and tabbies. Also available short or long haired (Scottish Folds) and Tiffanies. Along with stunning physical characteristics all Emerisle kittens are bred for their loving temperaments and make a superb addition to any family.

All kittens are reasonably priced and leave for their new home fully vaccinated, vet-checked, litter trained and insured. They also take with them a kitten pack which includes a booklet on kitten care, food toys and a diet sheet plus information on how best to care for the new arrival. Aftercare and ongoing advice is always just a phone call away for the wellbeing of all Emerisle kittens.

Buying from a reputable breeder ensures all kittens are bred for love, and nothing else. For further information or to arrange a visit and view current litters for sale - with their parents - please telephone 07774 650 217; 01943 461 852 or email enquiries to Additional details and photographs regarding Emerisle kittens and current litters for sale can also be found online at

Emerisle Cat Photos Emerisle Cat Photos
Emerisle Cat Photos Emerisle Cat Photos
Emerisle Cat Photos Emerisle Cat Photos
Emerisle Cat Photos Emerisle Cat Photos